Composite Doors Leeds – Why Choose A Lindley Composite Door?

Composite Doors Leeds. Why Choose A Lindley Composite Door?

Lindley composite doors Leeds offers enhanced security, superb strength, durability and a variety of affordable design options to suit you.

Why Composite Doors Leeds?

Cheap composite doors Leeds offer the perfect mix of style, strength and value.

Quality Materials

Leeds Composite doors are made from a combination of the finest quality materials. They take the best features of wood and UPVC including durability and strength to create a strong and secure door. A composite door will give you complete peace of mind as it avoids the well-known disadvantages of single-material doors. For example, UPVC doors are thinner than composite or hardwood doors, and aren’t as strong.

However, there is no need to compromise your security and style. Your composite door provides more strength, attractiveness and durability than wood or UPVC doors. They are also highly customisable, the colour and design is yours to choose. You can design a door to suit your needs and personality from our range of colours and window styles.

Bring a slice of country chic to your door with some of the best composite doors in the Leeds area. Ever wondered how to take your front door to the next level? The realistic oak tree woodgrain on our composite doors mean that your door looks like a traditional wooden door.

Be the envy of your neighbours with a beautiful door that needs minimal maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

Leeds composite doors don’t have the cost or needs of wooden doors

Doors contribute to a property’s heat loss, but composite doors are more energy efficient than other types of door. They are a fabulous and eco-friendly choice for your home. Our cheap composite doors Leeds area mean you can keep your family warm and put an end to draughty hallways.

We construct our doors from a water-resistant rigid polymer sub-frame with a high density insulated core. The exterior has an impact resistant and weatherproof Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin. This makes your composite front door both a comfortable and environment-friendly choice for your home.

Composite Front Doors Leeds is becoming the go-to choice for property owners looking for a new door. Find your perfect door with us today.

Composite Doors Leeds
Composite Doors Yorkshire
Composite Doors Leeds


Composite Doors Leeds are extremely solid and impact resistant. They outperform UPVC doors for strength. Our components meet industry security standards including the police initiative to protect against unlawful intrusion,Secured By Design. This initiative works to secure and reinforce buildings to prevent criminal activity and create a safer environment for everyone.
We even triple-glaze all of our glass designs for extra security. Triple glazing is also a great way to reduce outside noise from nearby traffic and keep your house insulated during the colder months.
Read about us and our door security here

Long Lifespan

The outstanding durability of Composite Doors Leeds area ensures that your front door will not warp, rot or crack. Furthermore, all our doors are resistant to dents and scratches unlike the much more expensive traditional wooden door. Our doors retain their appearance for over 30 years, meaning a longer lifespan than any other type of door. A real investment for your home, your composite door will become an important part of your house. Make your front door a welcoming and familiar feature that greets you as you arrive home.
Unlike wooden doors, our composite doors don’t need painting and just need a simple wipe with a soft, soapy cloth. The low maintenance nature of our composite doors make them a valuable and comfortable choice for you and your family.

Kerb Appeal

Your property’s kerb appeal is always important for home-buyers when making their final decision. Our Leeds composite Doors by adding value to your home as well as having the smartest door on the street.

Your door from Composite Doors Leeds creates a long-lasting first impression for your home. Catch the attention of a neighbour or friends with the door you have designed for your house.
The realistic looking oak tree woodgrain on our composite doors gives the sought-after look of a traditional wooden door. This is without the off-putting maintenance needs of a wooden door.
But a good-looking front door isn’t just for those thinking of selling their homes one day. Why not has a good quality, stylish door for your own benefit? You’ve invested a lot of money and time into your four walls. Enhance it and enjoy its attractive appearance each time you approach it.You can also make a statement about yourself through your front door, choosing designs and colours that express your personality and style.

Businesses can also reap the great range of benefits of having a quality front door. You will engage your customers with your smart appearance and signal to them that you appreciate good quality. Making your business even more welcoming has never been so easy and with so many style options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for composite doors Bradford or composite doors Huddersfield, you can easily express something to your customers about your business and its values.

Composite Doors Leeds
Composite Doors Leeds

Energy Efficiency

Composite Doors Leeds are proven to be more effective at reducing heat loss than wooden doors or even composite doors with a timber core. We triple-glaze our glass panels to maximise our doors’ energy efficiency. This retains heat in your home and reduces the volume of annoying sounds such as barking dogs or nearby sirens.

Together with their long lifespan and low maintenance, Composite Doors Leeds are a great choice for an eco-friendly home with our environmentally friendly doors.

Composite Doors Leeds Guarantees

At Composite Doors Leeds we manufacture our doors to the highest standards. We are so confident that your door last which is why we offer you a 10 year warranty. We are well established, having served the Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield area for over 25 years. You can be confident in our commitment to you, from our initial conversation through to the handover of your keys. We pride ourselves on our expertise and excellent quality of our design, manufacturing and installation. We are proud to offer high quality composite doors across Yorkshire

Composite Doors Leeds are Customisable

Our extensive range of designs will ensure you find the perfect door for you.

Composite Front Doors Leeds offer additional options for customisation compared to UPVC or traditional wooden doors. We have over 30 door styles to choose from, including classical, contemporary or rustic. We can guarantee a choice to suit your needs.

Our doors are available in over 40 colours. You can select two different colours on the interior to the exterior for ultimate personalisation. From Olive Yellow or Signal Violet to a classic Grey or Honey Beige, we have a colour to suit you. You can even choose a unique twist on an old favourite such as Dusty Pink or Duck Egg Blue.

Composite Doors Leeds Prices

Composite Doors Leeds look like wooden doors but without the disadvantage of maintenance requirements and vulnerability to the weather. Wooden doors are the most expensive doors on the market so investing in one of our cheaper composite doors is great for improved durability. We guarantee a compromise on price but by no means on quality.

However, whilst UPVC is a less expensive option than composite doors, UPVC doors are thinner and weaker than hardwood doors. This leads to increased possibility of compromised security. Composite doors offer a much better return on your investment than UPVC with our added security and longer lifespan. Our eco-friendly doors also mean lower heating bills for you and your family.

We also offer monthly payments from £5 a week to suit your needs. What are you waiting for?

Composite Doors Leeds Glass Options

Composite Doors Leeds also have many different glass options ensuring you can create a truly individual entrance to your property.

We also offer bi-fold and french doors for your patio. This allows you to enhance the look of the rear of your property with us too. This is the perfect choice for a rear door that leads out onto a patio or garden. These doors offer excellent manufacturers’ quality, outstanding security and an increased quality of life by increasing the amount of natural light in your home. Our rear doors can provide a place to entertain friends or relax on a summer’s evening.

You can also use our Door Designer feature to experiment with your favourite colours and designs. You have a complete say in the design and with so much to choose from, we guarantee you will find the right door for you.