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Our Composite Doors Leeds Are The UK’s Best Selling Entrance Door

What Is A Composite Door?

Over the past few years, a new kind of door has risen in popularity, and rightly so.


Our composite doors Leeds are different to other kinds of door; they are the leading UK door for security and style. The composite door is a design that is made up of a combination of strong, durable materials. We construct our doors from a water-resistant rigid polymer sub-frame with a high density insulated core. The exterior has an impact resistant and weatherproof Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin.

These features guarantee a long life-span and excellent durability. Most importantly, our composite doors Leeds are a secure choice for your home.

Complete Security

Each of our windows and doors Leeds are Secured By Design. SBD is an official Police Security Initiative that aims to improve the safety and security of homes, towns and places of work. They approve designs or security features that are seen as secure and minimise any risk in the event of a damage attempt or crime. We can guarantee that our windows and doors Leeds are secure from intruders. They are a great choice for complete peace of mind.

Ultion Lock

Each of our Leeds doors come with an Ultion lock as standard. Not heard of an Ultion lock?
Here is everything you need to know:
• 89% of locks are broken by snapping – the Ultion remains unbeaten in every single security test
• They meet the approval of the Police, British Safety Standards and locksmiths
• The lock can detect an attack. In this rare event, the Ultion will activate a hidden lock to prevent entry
• They are 25% stronger than iron – molybdenum is a key material that is seen in high strength superalloys
For more information about the types of crime in your area, check out

Eco - Friendly

Our doors Leeds are an eco-friendly choice. By choosing one of our windows and doors Leeds you are doing your bit for the planet while staying cosy too. The insulated core in our composite doors is an effective feature that helps to prevent heat loss in your home. As a result, you need less energy to heat the property, lowering your bills and saving on energy. In addition, each of our front doors Leeds come with triple-glazed window glass as standard for the ultimate eco-friendly and secure choice.

Kerb Appeal

Lindley doors Leeds have serious kerb appeal. They add charm, character and personality to your home. New front doors Leeds are a great way to upgrade your home, both in looks and in value.

Doors Leeds
Doors Leeds
Doors Leeds

Style & Colour

We have over 30 different colours to choose from for your doors in Leeds. You can choose from a bold and elegant black to a bright and beautiful yellow, the choice is yours. You can even pick a different colour for the interior of your door.
With so many colours, door and window styles to choose from, we guarantee we can find you a door that matches your personality. Not sure which colour to choose? Our handy Door Designer will help!

Woodgrain Appearance

Our Leeds doors are beautiful. With our woodgrain effect your windows and doors Leeds will take on the appearance of much more expensive wood. However, unlike traditional wooden doors, our composite doors Leeds are low maintenance. They need little upkeep – all you need to do is clean occasionally with some soapy water and a soft cloth. Don’t forget that our windows and doors Leeds are stronger and longer lasting too.

About Us

Lindley has over 25 years’ experience in the windows and doors industry across Leeds and Yorkshire.

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