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How Much Do Composite Doors Cost?


When purchasing a composite door the price always depends on the design of the door, the glass inside the door, the colour and also the quality of the door depending on which company you purchase it from.

The standard colours on our composite doors are white, black, blue, green and red any other colours would be an additional cost, the colour is normally only on the outside of the door and inside they come as a standard white but you still do have the option to upgrade the colour, The frames come as a standard white but they can always have colour added to them as well.

When choosing the right glass for your door you will tend to have two options one will be for an obscure glass which is the cheaper range as there is no pattern put into the glass or the second option is the designer glass which comes triple glassed and laminated for extra security you also have the choice of upgrading the obscure glass to triple glassed and laminated.

The style of the door will determine the main cost of the door, if you have to budget for a new composite door then we would suggest going for a door with minimal or no glass at all as this would keep the price down.

There are somethings you should not compromise on even to bring the price of a door down, the most important thing is security all of our doors are sold with reinforced frames for extra structural strength, 4 security hinges rather then most doors coming with only 3, you would also get a lock with a lock guard this would prevent any burglars snapping the lock as this is the most common way of gaining entry into someone’s home.

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